Session Tips


-Avoid bold patterns, stripes and plaids, remember, simple solids are classic.Teens

-consider where you plan to put the photos on display, to determine how formal you want to go.

-don't go too matchy matchy. Avoid only using one or two colors. (black/denim or white/khaki.)

-Start with a statement piece, perhaps mom's outfit or baby's dress. Pull from this,

think of colors that work well together (coral/teal/white) (green/red/navy)

-Flip through catalogs to see how they put outfits together.

-Avoid shiny fabrics.

-Make sure clothes have been ironed.

-Feel free to bring your own props.

-Wear comfortable clothing, if you're not comfortable, it may be obvious in your pictures.

-Limit jewelry and accessories. One statement piece is fine, perhaps a bold necklace or bangle bracelets. Remember, you're the subject and you don't want to add distraction to your photos.

-Feel free to bring make-up for touch ups.


IMG_0127 Photographing children

-Parents, remember when working with small children, bring toys and necessary rewards for good behavior. Most small children need immediate gratification. 

-Toys, candy or stickers may help to keep the mood light.



-Optimal session dates for maternity are between 7-8 months. We'd like to shoot late enough in your pregnancy to show a large enough bump, but prior to you becoming uncomfortable or tiring easily.Maternity

-Concerned about stretch marks? Don't worry, they can be taken out.

-Solid black or white button up shirts provide a timeless, classy look.

-Tops that will cover your belly should be form fitting to show off your beautiful bump.

-To ensure that strap indentations don't show, several hours before your photo shoot, you'll want to take off anything that has tight elastic, such as slacks with tight waistbands, undergarments or bras.

-Remember, you're hands will likely show up in your pictures, so you may want to give yourself a mini-manicure.

-If you plan to include other children or your spouse, please let me know in advance.

**Maternity boudoir photography is also available.



Babies Newborn Sessions

-All newborn sessions should be shot when your baby is around 7-10 days old.

-Newborn moms, please make sure your baby has eaten and is well rested prior to shooting.



Pet Sessions

-Pet owners, please bring water for your pets for outdoor shoots. You are also encouraged to bring your dog's favorite toys and treats.

-Please make sure your dog(s) have played prior to shooting, tired dogs are far more cooperative.

-Please insure that your dog knows how to "sit" on command.

-A bath the day before or the day of is recommended to insure your pet's coat is clean and shiny.