The Birth Experience




        I'm excited to now be offering the birth experience to my sessions. After having my daughter, I really wish I had been able to capture more of my experience. A combination of C-section and bad drug reactions, my experience is a blur. I have to depend on other witnesses to recall what happened. I'm also a volunteer for Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep in which I photograph babies that are stillborn or coming off of life support. This type of work is highly emotional, and I long to have positive experiences when I walk into Labor and Delivery. This work will help me keep a balance.




                     What will show?

I imagine that most people shutter at the thought of this type of genre. Is it gross? Is it icky? No, it's true to life, but a stunning way to document your experience. For sessions documented during birth, please know that I am very very discrete. Nothing is shot below mom's waist, nor is mom's chest shown. I focus on baby. Ideally, the session starts with a few labor shots. After the birth, skin to skin is documented, as well as baby's first pictures. Baby's private parts are also not shown from the front. It sounds tricky, but trust me, it can be done. I'm experienced with working with newborns, as well as doing nude maternity work, so I'm comfortable with this type of work. Please note that all galleries are password protected.



                    What are my session options?    How much does it cost?

Currently I offer two different options. You can opt for a full birth session or hospital session. A full session requires that I be present before the birth to get laboring shots, prep, etc. The hospital session requires that you call me after the birth when it's convenient to you to shoot a newborn session. Both sessions require a non-refundable retainer due at the time of the consultation. The retainer is required to secure time allotted for your birth.  Balances must be paid in full one week prior to the due date. ALL sessions require a consultation. In addition to the maternity session discount, the full birth experience session also come with a discount on a newborn session to follow. I strongly encourage women to consider maternity sessions, thus allowing us to get to know each other a little better.


1. Hospital Newborn Session $350

                              -initial consultation

                              -session of newborn pics upon baby's arrival, including first family shots

                              -photographer's time, talent and professional editing.

                              -online custom slideshow for to share with friends & family

                             -custom layflat book

                             -20% discount on a maternity session



  2Full Birth Experience with slideshow, call for options

                                -initial consultation

                                -Session documenting birth experience, beginning with labor through baby's 1st hour

                                -photographer's time, talent and professional editing

                                -password protected online slideshow to share with friends & family

                                -20% discount on maternity and newborn sessions                              

                                -gift boxed high resolution disk with permission to print




                      How does the session work?

Initially, we will have a consultation, in which I get to know mom and dad and answer any questions. This allows us to get to know each other (if you're not already a current client.) I strongly encourage moms to consider maternity sessions to get to know each other even better. In the ideal scenario, for full sessions, I join after checking in at the hospital to shots prior to baby's arrival. Understandably this type of work is tricky to time. Some women are scheduled, but most times, baby decides things as far as timing. I remain on standby in the coming days as we approach your due date. Based on your individual experience, we discuss when I'll be joining you at the hospital.  Please know that I do limit the number of sessions I will do in a given time, so please book asap.



                    Will my friends/family still be able to accompany me during deliver?

I plan to shoot and stay very much out of the way. The hospital you deliver at determines how many people are allowed in the room. Most limit it to 3, but we can always ask, since I will not be in the way.




                    What if labor takes a long time?

For full experience birth sessions, it's understandable that there is a big time window to contend with. Ongoing communication with the mother/family member is required.  I may be there for the duration, or leave and come back depending on your progress. Don't worry about me getting bored, I'd rather be available and ready than missing anything.


                     Will you document home deliveries or at my birthing center?

In SC I will happily document home births, as well as at birthing centers. Out-of hospital births typically revolve much more around mom's comfort, with fewer restrictions.


                       How do I view my pictures?

You will view your pictures as with any session. You can view them in a password protected gallery online, or in-person at your home or in studio. You determine who sees your gallery. You are welcome to share it with friend and family, or keep it private. Your session includes a book of your photos. You have the option to order additional products like slideshow dvd's, prints, digital prints, canvas, etc.


                       What if I have a C-section?

No worries, we can still shoot a well documented experience. My presence in the operating often depends on the hospital/doctor policy.


                        Do you offer discounts for maternity & newborn sessions?

Yes, hospital sessions are eligible for a 20% discount on maternity sessions. Full birth experience sessions include discounts on maternity sessions. Maternity pictures are taken late in the pregnancy, not before the 8th month. Birth is documented as previously described, and newborn pictures are taken within baby's first 10 days.


                       Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes, please feel free to add me to your registry! Family and friends can contribute to the sessions. All session fees are due at the time you decide and reserve shooting. 


                     Will I have to sign anything?

You will be required to sign a release, allowing me to document the experience. It includes information on both my and your responsibilities as well as detailing the non-refundable retainer and copyright information. This form will also include your mailing information, email and requested password.


If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

[email protected]